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Natural Hand Position vs. Bent Wrist

BetterGrip Paint Roller

The Patented Design allows painters to hold the BetterGrip Paint Roller with a natural hand position! This reduces soreness and fatigue associated with painting.

Wire Frame Roller

Painters are forced to hold a traditional roller with a flexed wrist. This leads to soreness and fatigue for the hand, wrist and forearm.

Solid 3-Piece Frame vs. Flimsy Wire Frame

BetterGrip Paint Roller

The BetterGrip Paint Roller has a 3-piece frame that attaches to both sides of the roller cover. This allows painters to apply even pressure, creating a consistent paint trail and professional results in less time!

Wire Frame Roller

A traditional roller is made with a wire frame body and plastic or wood handle. When painting, the frame tends to flex, leaving a thin paint trail on one side and a heavy trail on the other side.

Each Kit Includes an Extension Handle

Each BetterGrip Paint Roller kit includes a 5 1/2" extension handle that can be screwed directly into the main handle to create an "old school" paint roller feel.

Versatile Design...Made for Any Situation!

Natural Grip

For smaller jobs and touchups, hold the main handle with a natural hand position. Say goodbye to wrist and forearm soreness and fatigue!

Extension Handle

Use the 5 1/2" handle that comes with each kit to create a more traditional feel.

90 Degree Extension Handle - May provide relief for individuals with arthritis.

Rotate the main handle 90 degrees to the rear of the frame to create a one-of-a-kind painting experience. The position of the handle helps eliminate all soreness and is recommended for painters with hand issues.

Extension Pole

For those hard-to-reach places, like the upper walls and ceilings, the BetterGrip Paint Roller can be used with any standard extension pole.

Three Rollers in One

9-inch Roller

Our 9-inch paint roller kit can be used for everyday painting projects and fits most standard 9-inch covers.

4-inch Roller

Our 4-inch handle will convert our 9-inch paint roller into a 4-inch paint roller for smaller jobs. It uses the arms and extension handle that comes in the 9-inch paint roller kit. (purchased separately)

18-inch Roller

Our XL main handle will convert our 9-inch paint roller into an 18-inch paint roller for large projects. It uses the arms and extension handle that comes in the 9-inch paint roller kit. (purchased separately)

Cleanup is a Breeze

The BetterGrip Paint Roller is constructed of a synthetic thermoplastic polymer. It's not only durable, but the smooth surface of the roller allows it to be easily cleaned with soap, water and light scrubbing.

What makes a BetterGrip Paint Roller better than other rollers?